Phoenix in lat 2000-early 2001.

Phoenix Harper is the crazy clown alter ego of Sladen Dead. He also goes by the names Dr. Clock, Shifty Danny, Happy Vim, Decimus the Great and Dusty.


Phoenix, although existing before, first made his presence known in 2004, when entering the ring with Gigglechops, the clown alter ego of Uzziah and beating half the roster sensless in random maniacle attacks and aggressive acts. The two of the became known as The Psycho Clown Brothers.

Phoenix appeared in matches for roughly a year and a half, interfering in matches and appearing in various WWC matches out of his mind, before leaving and returning to being Sladen Dead again, much to most peoples relief. However, in 2009 Phoenix began making appearances again, except not on a regular basis, and without his tag partner Gigglechops.